Road Map for ISO (IMS) /IATF Certification

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There is change over from old version of ISO to new version and it’s time to start on time to catch last date 14th September 2018. This has been understood that there is every support and commitment of management is required where implementation of ISO has to be carried out , this is very first requirement above all. The implementation of ISO in any organization can be take-up within the span of 3 to 6 month depending upon the size of the organization. Every company has its own management system which includes the Process, system documentation, continuous improvement , product handling, Customer satisfaction, but all these to be in systematic manner and this can be achieve through Quality Management System (QMS). Form my experience, presenting below 20 steps which are involved for implementation of QMS: 1.Establishment of ISO/Quality Cell / Team 2.Appointment of Quality Management Representative (QMR) 3.Hiring consulting firm / consultant, if required. 4.Seminar/s for awareness, trainings. 5.Registration with certification body and confirmation for date of stage -1 and stage -2 audit (on basis of these dates next activity to plan) 6.Internal auditors training 7.Formation of Management Review Committee (MRC) 8.Gap Analysis 9.Development of Quality Management System (QMS) as below: 9.1.Quality Policy 9.2.Organizational Charts 9.3.Job Descriptions 9.4.Quality System Manual 9.5.Quality System Procedures 9.6.Standard Operating Procedures 9.7.Quality Plans 10.Go Live for Quality Management System (QMS) 11.Conduct Internal Quality Audit 12.Closing Non-conformity, ifany 13.Fine tuning of document(s) base on internal audit findings 14.Conduct management review meeting 15. Pre-certification Assessment/Audit 16.Fine tuning of document(s) base on Pre-certification Assessment/Audit 17.Certification Assessment by Certification Agency 18.Study and closer of Non-conformity (If any) given by certification body with appropriate supporting document. 19.Submitting closer of Non-conformity (If any) to certification body. 20.Wait for comments from certification body, if satisfactory, get certificate from CB and lastly, Do not forget to celebrate and display of certificate.