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In India Deepawali celebrates as festival of light and this year celebrates for seven days and each day has its own importance. This Deepawali celebrates at my home too, as we celebrate each year. With electric lighting to decorate home, there is an importance of earthen lamps. These earthen lamps are filled with oil and handmade raw cotton thread dipped in oil and cotton thread ignited to lit the lamp.IMG_20171018_201435


It was found that, when earthen lamp ignited and kept on the floor there is spillage of oil on the floor, this spilled oil makes floor dirty and same has to be removed with help of soap water. IMG_20171018_201636 FIRST KAIZEN To take care of this and aim to keep floor clean, first it was decided to keep earthen lamps filled with oil on square cut plastic piece, but found that purpose could not solve as oil spill on plastic first and then flows on floor. IMG_20171022_141205 Also, found that there is disadvantage in use of plastic, which is harmful for the environment. SECOND KAIZEN Considering drawback of first kaizen, idea to use plastic has been dropped and replaced with use of pieces of cardboard use in packing. IMG_20171018_201934 The style of placement of earthen lamps on cardboard pieces as below: The benefits of use of cardboard below earthen lamps are:
  1. Easily available.
  2. Environmental friendly.
  3. Keep floor clean.
  4. Cleaning of floor with soap water not required.
  5. Can absorb oil easily.
IMG_20171018_201458 Brief about KAIZEN : The Japanese word kaizen simply means “change for better”. Kaizen was originally introduced by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen. The word Kaizen refers to word improvement in English and this may be large or small improvement or one time or continuous improvement. PS: Kaizen concept idea in this Deepawali initiated by my daughter Vartika Shrouty.