My 10 Principles to implement 5S successfully

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For implementing the 5S, I believe in, “Things are change gradually, step by step, with involvement of all members of team and not in a day, have focus 10 min daily.”

Base on my above quote, here is my 10 Principles to implement 5S successfully.

  1. Start a daily standing meeting for maximum 10 min in the office/plant before going back to home.
  • Standing meeting: meeting outside meeting room or conference room must, this is to get feeling of oneness.
  • Meeting to be schedule before going back to home, this will help to take stock of the day.
  1. For first couple days do not plan for anything, only discuss on 5S what exactly it is.
  • Take help of literature, guide.
  • Read literature, guide in standing meeting.
  1. Do not plan for 5S, plan for 1S then 2S, 3S and so on.
  • Expected that there is no hurry to reach on fifth S.
  • Expected one at a time.
  1. Give example to all members, how we can achieve, (we can!!).
  • For this, I gave example of my role model, Sergey Bubka and his world record, how he broken his own record, in same way makes victory over 1S, 2S, 3S …..
  1. In meeting area, make a story board, give name to this story board; this will help to involve team member and think.
  • This story board having different achievements of team member and photos of birthday celebration and many more ideas.
  1. Plan and select a model area from where 1S can be started.
  • Note, we have to start with 1S.
  1. Divide further this area in number of zones.
  • Small area helps more involvement of team member.
  1. Make team and team leader of respective zone and work on story board of zones.
  2. Fix time for each zone to work on 1S first.
  3. Do daily 1S for 10 min only , with aim no hurry to reach 5S
Then go for 2S, 3S and so on… Most important, don’t forget to celebrate improvement at each stage.