ISO 45001: A welcome review (Occupational health and safety management systems- Requirements)

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Occupational health and safety has its own importance and plays a major role at workplace and can be manage the involved risk by initiating the controls to mitigate risk as low as logical and practicable. In managing the risk at workplace, various issues and challenges has to be look into , such as complexity of process involve in production ,manufacturing and service activity , different nature of workforce / manpower ( Human) working to convert the input into output by value addition, behavior of workforce / human being. This can be achieving through following the statutory and regulatory requirement and also by focusing on the workplace environment, training, awareness and implementing the policies. To carry out above mentioned activity, organization has to show the commitment towards managing the risk and hazard and to do this ISO 45001 is a useful standard in its new format. The highlight of ISO 45001:2018 are:
  • Expected to be released in March 2018.
  • ISO 45001:2018 applicable to organization of all sizes.
  • ISO 45001:2018 aim to establish the safe working environment.
  • It aims for continual improvement of performance of occupational health and safety
  • It helps to minimize the casualties at work place.
  • This has been approved by 93% voter members against requirements of more than 66% of favorable voters to approve the standard.
  • ISO 45001 is the first international standard in occupational health and safety standard, as earlier were BS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801.
  • ISO 45001:2018 adapt the clause structure as specified in Annex SL, which is a basic frame work for all new standards.
  • With adaption of basic structure of Annex SL ISO 45001 will be align with other standard like ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.
  • It is opinions that there will be a migration period of three years and if so will end in March 2021 from March 2018.
ISO 45001:2018 will help to organizations in following ways to address Health and Safety at work place:
  1. Standard help to demonstrate the commitment for Health and Safety.
  2. Standard help to demonstrate the compliance towards the laid down procedure and requirements.
  3. Commitment and compliance towards the safety and health can be achieved through engaging and motivating the workforce in organization.
  4. Standards help to identify the risk and hazard at work place through proper study and also help to make plan to control the same.
  5. Standard helps to create the best possible working condition in the organization.

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