How to Make Turtle Diagram for Health and Safety?

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It’s inspiring, one search on 04.04.2018 I found on my blog regarding “How to Make Turtle Diagram for Health and Safety”? Today’s article is on the same topic and dedicated to that searcher on net. So, we start like this, What is Turtle Diagram? A Turtle Diagram is a quality tool for visual representation of processes having inputs, out puts, Method (How?), Man&Machines (Resources), Support Processes and Key Performance indicators, which help to understands the process.(A definition By: ViVEK SHROUTY)  Purpose of Turtle Diagram
  1. Understand the process.
  2. Effective implementation and execution of processes.
  3. Easy to take action for improvement in process.
 Turtle Diagram and ISO 9001:2017 & IATF 16949:2016 To address the process approach (0.3) in ISO 9001 :2017 & IATF 16949:2016 under Introduction Turtle diagram can be used as a quality tool.  Understanding the Turtle Diagram:

1. The basic visual representation of turtle diagram is as below:

Turtle diagram- BAsic

2. The process as mentioned in definition above divided as below:

  1. Process
  2. Inputs,
  3. Out puts,
  4. Method (How?),
  5. Man & Machines (Resources)
  6. Support Processes and
  7. Key Performance indicators.

3. Now we will move for making turtle diagram for Health and Safety.

First define the process and here our process is “Health and Safety”. The Inputs are :
  • Plan for health and safety.
  • Various specifications and standards.
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements.
The Output : Zero Incident How? – Methods
  • Check processes
  • Make daily plan
  • Plan for refilling and checking of fire extinguisher / fire tender.
  • Plan for checking / auditing lifting tools ( lifts, escalators)
Resources – Man & Machines/ Equipment
  • Doctors
  • Nurse
  • Safety Captains
  • Safety Manager
  • PPE
  • Fire Tender
  • Fire Extinguisher
Supports Processes:
  • Maintenance department for fire tender etc
  • Maintenance of lifts , lifting tools
  • Contract for refilling of extinguisher.
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Number of near miss per month.
  • Number of loss time injury
  • Health check of employee
Above are some examples and can be added more as per the product handle / process and service industry. Add all above mentioned details in the turtle diagram at respective boxes to give it a final shape. As applicable and available, write the procedure number and /or clause number as mentioned in SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). It is better to make turtle diagram in excel sheet. Hope , this article may be useful for making turtle diagram.