5S: My favourite 1S, “SEIRI”

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Seiri is the first S from the 5S methodology, the other S stands for Seiton, Seiso,Seiketsu and Shitsuke.

The meaning of each one of 5S is,

  1. Seiri –  is organization and for second time it called as Reorganization
  2. Seiton-  Neatness, Place for everything & everything in its Place 
  3. Seiso – Cleanliness
  4. Seiketsu – Standardization
  5. Shitsuke – Discipline
5S Star Model by ViVEK SHROUTY

           I always fascinate about Seiri, as this is starting of implementation of “5S” methodology in any organization. Lots of effort has been put up by the organization, particularly from all the levels in the organization in kick off, formation of teams and shouldering the responsibility.

Seiri make a remarkable change in the organization. This is not only the start of way towards the cleanliness, but will help in saving money, time and safety.

This gives the opportunity to remove the non-functional things and obsolete items in the section or in department.

With this, team members move towards the habit of keeping the things which are required for particular operation(s).This result in cleaner and well organized workplace.

Also, team members are involved in Red Tag and Yellow Tag area. These both concepts are important and making the way for implementation of next steps of “5S”.Red Tag indicate, material which is of no use or can say scrap items and Yellow Tag is indication of serviceable items or items which are not being use in particular section or department and required to return to store so that same can be used in future or use by other department.

This concept of Red Tag and Yellow Tag area help to create atmosphere of oneness in the organization.

In nut shell, author is of opinion that, first step “Seiri” gives the opportunity to team member, not only to understand the 5S methodology, but to understand our self towards the journey of oneness.