My Travelling: Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

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In last December 2018 visited Orchha, a great experience.

Orchha is a town in Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh, India is 80 Km from Tikamgarh and 15 Km from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. It is established by Rudra Pratap Singh and became the first king of Orchha.

Orchha is on the bank of river Betwa and this Betwa river here split in seven channels called as “Satdhara”.

Places to visits in Orchha are:

  1. Ram Raja Temple
  2. Chaturbhuj Temple
  3. Janahgir Mahal
  4. Cenotaphs or Chhatris

Ram Raja Temple

The Ram Raja temple only place where lord Ram worshipped both as Lord Ram and as a King.

Ram Raja Temple picture by ViVEK SHROUTY

The Prasad at Ram Raja Temple:

Prasad (A devotional offering made to a god, typically consisting of food that is later shared among devotees.) has its speciality. This consists perfumed dipped cotton wound on stick and Betal leaf Paan  which is given to devotee as welcome , as devotee treat here as guest of King Ram  and laddoos .

Pictures of other places at Orchha:

All pictures are by ViVEK SHROUTY.