Day Temperature in my Wardha city

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While going through the numbers of temperature rise, it is found that, temperature in the Vidharbha region in Indian state of Maharashtra is highest in the world.

The headlines in newspaper and on net are giving very clear message and some example are,

“15 Hottest cities of the world on Friday, 26/04/2019 where in India”—Skymet Weather

“Six of world’s 15 hottest cities were in Vidharbha” —- Times of India

Though, Khargaon in Madhya Pradesh is highest of all is 46.6OC.

The temperature in other cities are Akola 46.4OC, Amravati 45.4OC, Brahmapuri 45.8OC, Chandrapur 45.6OC , Wardha45.7OC and Nagpur 45.2OC.

This year there is higher temperature as compare to last years. Also, there is lot of scarcity of water not only in this region but also more or less in every part. So this is alarming situation and also time to take a call, to take care of water ecosystem, as this is also related to climate change and to the green environment.

Lots of initiatives and measure already taken to improve the same  , but this highest record of temperatures in cities gives indication that, whatever done in past and being carried out in present is not sufficient and lot many initiatives are needed at personal , by society and at national and international level.

The seriousness of problem can be seen, when we found that, digging the bore for bore well at depth of 200 to 500 feet for water , this also shows the intensity of availability or one may say non-availability of water in that particular area.

So, from many precautionary actions for saving water for future, at-least everyone shall go for plantation, water conservation and water harvesting in coming days.