BOOK REVIEW: Multifaceted Dimension of Quality Team Concepts (for inclusive growth)

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Author: Mr. B.Subramaniam

Published By: Quality Circle Forum of India, Hyderabad Chapter

Reviewed By: Vivek Shrouty

Reading this book is a deep drive into the quality concepts. From the page one to the end, experience the journey of author Mr.B Subramaniam in the quality concepts, the day first he attended the seminar on Workers Participation in the management (WPIM) in 1976.

The book gives the idea about the involvement of author in his work, enjoyed the work and enjoyed not only the organization he work but also the people with whom he work.

The authors thought process on the quality concepts can be seen through the various examples given in the book such as on the page 41 on the “creativity”.

During reading the book, will find lots of motivational quotes and references from Upnishad. One such quote of Swami Vivekananda as,

“Divinity gets unfolded inside the mind of the human, when he does improvement. Human society will become divine, if only all of us acquire the habit of doing improvement”.

Looking towards the other best part of book is , in-depth view on personality development , leadership development through quality circle , art of listening which explains ,How to listen? And barriers of good listening.

This book also focus on “Learning Organization “, its features and characteristics.

This book is useful not only to the quality concepts practitioner ,but also to new comers in the field of quality management system, Quality Circle, TPM and others. The book is having simple language and easy to understand concepts.

Happy Reading!!!