A Model and “To Do” for Enhancing the Level of Competency for Problem Solving

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It is always found that, if same task has been given to two different persons, results may be same as desired or as required but there is always difference in the way in which task has been carried out, this is because of the competency the person.

Competency comes in picture, when it is expected that task, target or job shall be completed successfully and also effectively and efficiently (Check my definition of EE at end of this article).

Author is presenting the model for “enhancing the level of competency” as below:

A Model for Enhancing the Level of Competency for Problem Solving.

Competency includes Skill, knowledge, expertise, leadership with required capability and ability to do the things

Here, it is interesting to know the difference between the competency and skill. Both are the different words, but are same and common string in both words is ability to do.

The presented model can help to enhance competency, if one can follow the list of “TO DO”, and as per my experience these “TO DO” are,

  1. Convert the situation in opportunity
  2. Take help of trainings, “do attend”.
  3. Learn things through “On job Training”.
  4. Join the group of people of same thoughts and discuss.
  1. Convert the situation in opportunity

Some time we found that, the task in front of us we can done, solve, overcome very well, but we cannot attempt the same for the one or the other reason. In such situation we have to be very positive and challenge this as an opportunity. Such situation helps us to improve our competency, as this gives us the chance for learning the new things with added knowledge.

2.Take help of class room training, “do attend”

Always go for class room training, think for training, as training is one of the best ways to gain the knowledge. This is the place where one interact with the new things like, Men (People), Methods and Mentor. In training, topic may be different but one can learn skill of communication and listening. The added advantage of training is, if one can take opportunity, he can present the things in presence of participant.  This is nothing but point no 1 above “Convert the situation in opportunity”. In this way competency can be enhance through training.

3.Learn things through “On job Training”

There is vast difference between the Class room training and on job training. On job training gives in hand knowledge of the thing which is perform during training. This help to increase the skill of the trainee, as one has to perform the job with his own in guidance of trainer.

Under on job training, developing skill, learning is carrying out not only through success in performing the task, but also failures happen in performing task.

4.Join the group of people of same thoughts and discuss

In today’s digital world there are number of groups on the web which can be joined to learn the new things. In similar way one can join the local body of the where one can interact with the expert and leaders from the different industries, organization which help to gain the competency. The most important learning is about leadership and leadership help to enhance the competency through confidence of person to carry out the task.

So,above are the ways and means to enhance the competency of a person and this is useful in problem solving.

Now question is, why competency is required for problem Solving?

Problem solving is nothing but, finding solution or working for solution for the difficult things or issues which involve the process of root cause analysis, identifying the problem, selecting the best alternatives which are best suits to plug that problem.

Always I emphasis on, “at the end, do not forget to celebrate”.


My Definitions,

  1. EFFECTIVENESS: Achieving by producing the desired and planned result.
  2. EFFICIENT: Achieving by producing the desired and planned result in minimum time, effort and resources.