Learning QUALiTY & QUALiTY CONCEPTS through Q & A – PART 1

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Lots of literature available on the topic of QUALiTY & QUALiTY CONCEPTS, this include the Six Sigma , TQM , Quality Circle , Kaizen , 5S methodology and many others. To get the basic idea of concepts, it is good idea to learn through objective type Question & Answer on the QUALiTY & QUALiTY CONCEPTS.

The benefit of such series is that, series of each of 10 question & answer covers the content from various quality concepts and help to increase the knowledge and skill.

To keep this in mind QUALiTYViVA is going to start series of Q&A on QUALiTY & QUALiTY CONCEPTS, this will comprise of ten questions with its correct answer.

Hope this will be great learning!!


1.Affinity diagram created in the 1960s by Japanese anthropologist

(a) Ishikawa

(b) Jiro Kawakita

(c) Joseph Juran

(d) None of above

Ans – (b)

2 . Kaoru Ishikawa best known for ​Ishikawa Diagram, Seven Basic Quality Tools, Quality Circles, Company-wide Quality

(a) True     

( b) False

           Ans (a)

3 . Genichi Taguchi is best known for Taguchi Methods,Taguchi Loss Function ,Design of Experiments

(a) True  

( b) False

          Ans (a)

4 . Joseph Juran best known for Quality Control Handbook, Juran’s Trilogy, Cost of Quality, and application of Pareto Principle in Quality

( a) True  

(b) False

          Ans (a)

5. Name quality guru in picture

(a) Kaoru Ishikawa

(b) Taiichi Ohno

(c) Walter A Shewhart

(d) Shigeo Shingo

             Ans – c

6 .Reliability of a system is Probability of a system to work without failure for a given duration


(b) False

Ans – (a)

7. Poka-Yoke is

(a) Mistake Proofing

(b)Mistake clearing

(c)Mistake making

(d)Doing one time mistake

Ans – (a)

8. Aircraft landings are associated with what sigma level of performance?

(a) 1 sigma

(b) 2 Sigma

(c) 6 Sigma

(d) Above 6 Sigma

            Ans –(d)

9. Alex Osborn has given the technique of

(a)Fish Bone Diagram

(b)Six Sigma

(c)Scatter Diagram

(d)Brain Stormimg

Ans – (d)

10. ISO 9001 is

(a) Certification

(b) Accreditation

Ans – (a)

More to come ……..keep watch.