INSIGHT of CLAUSE 7.3.2 of IATF 16949:2016

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The CLAUSE 7.3.2 of IATF 16949:2016 is pertains to Employee motivation and empowerment and comes under main clause 7.3 Awareness. This 7.3.1 is supplemental regarding awareness about importance of employee’s activities not only in achieving, maintaining and improving quality but also customer requirement and risk involved for customer with non-conforming product.

But, only awareness among the employee will not help in achieving the quality objective, whose ultimate aim is to meet customer requirement.

To achieve the quality objective of each process or the function in the organization requires the involvement of the employee. This involvement of the employee in achieving quality objective, promotion of quality and technological awareness can only come through the motivation and empowerment. So is the clause 7.3.2.


The organization shall maintain a documented process(es) to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives, to make continual improvements, and to create an environment that promotes innovation. The process shall include the promotion of quality and technological awareness throughout the whole organization.


  1. This is mandatory Procedure
  2. Documented process to be maintained


  1. Employees to achieve quality objectives,
  2. To make continual improvements, and
  3. To create an environment that promotes innovation

Here, important thing to understand is what QUALITY OBJECTIVE is

Regarding the QUALITY OBJECTIVE, it is mentioned in clause, Quality objective and planning to achieve them – Supplemental

“Top Management shall ensure that quality objectives to meet customer requirements are defined, established and maintained for relevant functions, processes and levels throughout the Organization.”

So, quality objective shall meet customer requirement and also established for each process and functions in the organization.


  1. The requirement of the clause fulfil by process of employee motivation and empowerment


Motivation: It is psychological phenomena for the human being/ individuals and basic is, fulfilment of once desire and needs.

The word Motivation made from word “motive” and motive is “a reason for doing something”.

Empowerment: is authority or power given to someone to do something.

So, the question is how to fulfil the desire and need of the individual or employee of the organization.

Motivation cannot only be fulfilled by satisfying the need of individual by remuneration, as remuneration is given to all the employees of the organization but motivation level is different and may not focused on achievement of quality objective as there is more focus on day to day activities such as maintenance and operations.

Following are the example from where employee can be motivated through fulfilling their desire, need and works towards the fulfillment of the quality objective, continual improvements, and promotes innovation.

  1. AWARD are always a source of motivation and can be  given to  people / employees/ managers / contributors who made significant contribution to the promotion of quality management principles, energy management principles, customer satisfaction, concepts, techniques, maintenance practices  and other practices, leading to the improvement in the performance of the businesses.
  2. TEAM WORK: Team work can be demonstrates through participation of team in various competitions, conclaves, conventions on subject related to their profession and bags recognition. May be on organization level, National or International level.
  3. INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION: Organization shall encourage and send their employee for various technical presentation, competitions, conclaves, conventions.
  4. Appreciation by the top management for good work done in organization in the form of remuneration, prizes and awards.
  5. Improvement carried out by team, individuals in process, product which benefits to customer and organization shall be awarded
  6. Appreciate through certificate and awards to the employee for their creativity in work place management, 5S, Kaizen, TPM etc. The example of creativity is making “best from waste” artefacts.
  7. Celebrating the birthday of employee, as everyone likes to celebrate their birthday, will be an initiative towards the motivation of employee.
  8. Organization of games and sports events on organizational level for the employees is also one of the best ways to motivate the employees.

The most important part is to work on documentation of the one or all above activity, update it from time to time and maintained the same.

This can also be demonstration with help of story board.

In this clause 7.3.2 there is second line,

The process shall include the promotion of quality and technological awareness throughout the whole organization”.

How to promote QUALiTY?

There are various ways and means to promote quality in organization; some of the examples are,

  1. Celebration of World Quality Day ( For details read my previous article)
  2. Celebration of World Standard Day

This opportunity can be used for felicitation and award distribution to employee for their achievements.

  • Team / individual participation in Kaizen Conclave, 5S, Poka Yoke Conclaves, Quality Control Circles conventions ate national and international level.
  • Organization of quality related convention at plant / industries level for employees.
  • Holding seminar, workshop and conference for professionals to meet and share their knowledge and experience.

Secondly, regarding technological awareness,

This can be address through organizing and/or participating in various training programmes related to technological advancement in the world, this can include training on ,

  1. Industries related advancement in state of art technology.
  2.  Industries 4.0
  3. Internet of things (IOT)
  4. Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  5. Cyber security
  6. Digitization
  7. Software

Above are some of the examples to demonstrate clause 7.3.2, readers who want to implement, shall add things as per their respective industries requirement.