CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19), setting a “New Normal” for society

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Background, Present condition and Precautions

As till date, the statistic of COVID-19world wide total cases are 2481287 , death 170436 and recovered are 646854 cases covering 210 countries and territories around the world(1).

Corona virus disease, cause by a newly discovered coronavirus (COVID19).This has been started from December 2019 from china, when it reported case of Covid-19 first and spread in whole world today and resulted the world population in lockdown in their homes.

This is to be understood that at present there is no quick winning arrangement available and we all has to follow the rules to safeguard ourselves.

WHO has given the basic protective measures and can categorised and simplified as Source of virus, how it spread? , How to Protect?

These measures are summarized in pictorial format as below:

Above format is to be kept in mind during each and every step in walk of life.

If we monitor the walk of life, it can generally be seen as below in broad way and measures to safeguard are simple to follow:

  1. Start from Home —  Look for your own Health, Wear mask
  2. Reaching to destination — Social distancing, Use of mask
  3. Doing the work / job planned — Social distancing, Use of mask, Sanitized the common touch points, Sanitized hand, go for virtual meetings if required.
  4. Reaching back to home — Social distancing, Use of mask, wash cloths, attention towards your health.

Setting a “New Normal”

This COVID-19 brings the new challenges for the society, organization and businesses and for manufacturing industries. Also there is disruption in traditional patterns of the society which comprises of mainly interaction and behaviour of human being.

This behaviour change in the society due to COVID-19 pandemic will change the pattern of the society form earlier normal life to New Normal.

There will be challenges to reach at this New Normal, and some are,

  1. Challenges are required to convert into opportunity.
  2. Preserve culture and values.
  3. Boundaries of families will change with stronger foundation.
  4. Focus on good execution of strategies.
  5. Concept of growth with available processes and resources will play major role.
  6. Trust will play a crucial role in every part of life.
  7. Planning for business continuity will be there and results in production outflow.
  8. Focus on effectiveness and efficiencies of processes.
  9.  Innovation and creativity with speed will be there from society, government, organization and businesses.