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This year world standard day come up with theme of

“Protecting the planet with standards“

Celebrated on 14th October 2020

Today everyone is contributing to protect our mother earth by various ways and means, like keeping the environment clean, saving energy, safeguarding the water from pollution, actively participating in plantation.

Industrial revolution also impact negatively on the planet.

Whereas in recent past we found there is lots of awareness in the society to protect our planate and one of the key role played by various standards.

The standards are used extensively in industries and organization operating in the various fields. A standard covers the area of energy management, water, pollution, air quality and many others. The use and application, implementation of particular standard ensures about the sustainability as these standards lay down standardized protocols and methods of measurement which are required to be monitored as part of objectives.

Use of these standards will definitely help to protect our planet and increase awareness in society.