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Every November quality aspirant celebrates the months as quality month and November 12 as Quality Day.

Today 12th November 2020, World Quality Day.

Happy World Quality Day !!

Theme for the world quality day is “Creating Customer values”

Today we discuss about the various design and idea to celebrate the Quality Month/week/day, organization can celebrate Quality Week which ends on 12th November.

Following are the initiatives, programme can be conducted,

  1. Various competitions
    1. Knowledge test
    2. Slogan Competition
    3. Poster Competition
    4. Essay competition
    5. Rangoli Competition
  2. Suggestion scheme
  3. Organizing various training on quality
  4. Displaying Quality banner and posters
  5. Employee felicitation

(1) About various competitions:

  1. Knowledge test
  2. Slogan Competition
  3. Poster Competition
  4. Essay competition
  5. Rangoli Competitio

Knowledge test can be based on the various questions on the quality concepts, quality gurus, six sigma, 5S, Kaizen and other topic related to quality. Knowledge test to be conducted with a motto, that it generate the curiosity and motivate the employee. Knowledge test must be categorised as per the level of the employee which encourage them to participate wholeheartedly and essence of quality shall spread. 

Slogan competition can be organized on the theme as far as possible which helps the participant to think on that concept. All the slogan must be display which help to generate the awareness about quality and motivate the participant.

Poster competition makes the environment colourful about the quality; this may be considered as part of the visual management. This can be based on the topic related organizations vision and mission about the quality and on various quality concepts use in the organization.

Essay competition can be conducted on the topic related to latest happening in the quality ecosystem, which helps the participant to think on the latest trends. And so, it must have topic related to latest trends or topic can be best selected which requires the participant to connect the quality with needs of society.

Rangoli competition can be arranged in the organization base on the quality concepts. Rangoli is an art of color and originated in India. To make Rangoli, stone powder of different colors, flower petals and color rise use. Rangoli can also make with use of different colors of flowers. Rangoli competition on quality concepts will be totally a difference experience on quality day not only in India but also across globe.

(2) Suggestion scheme: On this occasion organization can launch suggestion scheme. This scheme must be conducted throughout the organization, so that each and every employee can participate. It is important for the management, that each and every suggestion given by the employee are to be respected, whereas priority to utilized the suggestion to be decided as per the requirement.

To motivate the suggestion scheme, some of the best suggestions are appreciated by the management.

(3) Organizing various training on quality concepts: World quality month can be taken as opportunities for training to employees on the various quality concepts like, quality gurus , quality circle, 5S, Kaizen, Quality tools and techniques etc.

The trainings are conducted in such a way that it gives the introduction about the quality concepts, as in-depth training on any subject could not propagate the message of quality concepts in the organization at large.

(4) Displaying quality related banner and posters: It is a best way to propagate the message of quality month / day celebration in the organization.

(5) Employee felicitation: Celebration can be concluded by organizing the valedictory function, which itself a motivation for the employees, no matter it may be on a small or at large scale. The valedictory function can be utilized to felicitate to employees who did a remarkable work in the celebration of quality month/week/day.

Once again, Happy World Quality Day!!