ISO 9001:2015 Understanding Its Anatomy, Diagnosis and Inside Story

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I am happy to inform that on the first day of Hindu Nav Varsh, Gudi Padwa dated 13th April 2021, published my first book “ISO9001:2015 Understanding its Anatomy, Diagnosis and Inside Story” .

The book has been published by Zorba Books, Delhi.

I am confident that you all will extend a warm welcome to this book.


In this competitive world, quality and customer satisfaction play a vital role for any industry or organization. Customer satisfaction is the current trend and this book aims to achieve that.

This book is about the anatomy, diagnosis and inside story of ISO 9001:2015, hence it is appropriately titled. It seeks to dissect and separate each clause, sub clause and sub sub clause as though breaking down the human anatomy, before focusing on the diagnosis of each clause and, finally, moving on to tell the reader the inside story of ISO 9001:2015. The hops is that, it will be helpful for the industries, organizations, entrepreneurs, proprietors, auditors (internal and external) and consultants working in this area of ISO, as well as the people at large who want to gain in-depth knowledge about ISO 9001:2015.

The book is divided into six parts,

Part 1: The Historical Background of ISO

Part 2: General Concepts

Part 3: The Foundation of ISO 9001:2015

Part 4: Requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Part 5: Quality Manual Writing

Part 6: Other Prominent ISO Standards

Part 1: This enables the reader to understand the history of the ISO and how, with time, various changes and revisions have been made. This is done in the pursuit of continual improvement.

Part 2: This section helps the readers to understand concepts such as, the mandatory requirement of ISO 9001:2015, a road map to implement ISO 9001:2015, the Turtle Diagram and many other related concepts.

Part 3: This section is dedicated to the foundation of ISO 9001:2015 which is necessary to understand, before one can diagnose the standard. This part focuses on building in-depth knowledge about concepts like, high level structure, quality management principles,Process Approach, Risk-based Thinking, PDCA, documented information, etc.

Part 4: This is about the anatomy and diagnosis of each clause of international standard, the inside story of ISO 9001:2015, how to implement each clause and include them in the manual, what various clauses require one to do, some examples of questions asked by the auditor during audit and a list of documentary evidence required for that particular clause.

Part 5: This section deals with the writing and compilation of the quality manual for the implementation of the Quality Management System. It also includes a guide on how to start the manual and how to write about a particular clause of the standard, and provides a sequence of content in the quality manual.

Part 6: This section gives a brief idea about other popular ISO standards. The author is of the opinion that one should have at least a working knowledge of these specific standards, apart from ISO 9001:2015 which is useful when the organization wants to implement Integrated Management System (IMS) certification.

The main objective of this publication is to provide guidance to the readers in a simplified manner and to help them fully understand ISO 9001:2015. The book also provides details of how ISO 9001:2008 transitioned into ISO 9001:2015, both for the reader’s knowledge and for future reference.

When we trace the journey of ISO from 1987, one comes across evidence to show that an ISO certification brings various benefits to the industries and organizations and helps enhance the quality of the management system. ISO certification also helps to optimise the process at each stage of the supply chain management and achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

This book has been written with an emphasis on what the subject matter requires.

This book will also help one to acquire a working knowledge of ISO 9001:2015, through its provision of a proper foundation that is both conceptual and factual.

The author has relied on his practical experience to make the book as simple and lucid as possible.

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