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Going to work place and coming back to home, spending time with the family at home and then again following the same path in the life is a big circle.

This is the circle most of the people follow, more or less. And this also found stagnant because of the effect of Covid 19 pandemic from 2020.

The circle,

Author find that this total circle is not the completeone, and believe strongly that there are more latent circles within each circle, circles around each circleand between the two circles there is another circleand author called these circles as “CIRCLES OF HAPPiNESS”, and these are thelatent circles where real happiness is hidden.

The interesting part about human being is that,

Every second of the day we are taking the information from the five senses, VAKOG. V — Visual — Picture / images
A — Auditory — Sound
K — Kinesthetic — feelings
O – Olfactory — Smell
G — Gustatory –Taste

It is to be well noted that our nervous system handle and process a huge amount of data.

According to the Hungarian scientist Mihale, in his book “FLOW” mentioned, the brain is absolutely flooded with around two million bits of data every single second and human brain can only effectively process around 134 bits of data in a second and that is a big difference.

So, there is a question in everyone’s mind where is the happiness?

Author write article with various thoughts in the mind, which takes towards the positivity and giveshappiness in writing the article, this happiness is an example of circle within the circle of happiness for the author, whereas forthe readers ofthis article, if they reach to the height, what they want or fulfills their needs, then that will be a circle of happiness for readers.

We all are part of swift life now, one has to take out some time, where we can walk and move simultaneouslyone step forward every day, to bring the circles of happiness in life with full of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Everyone will agree that,there is difference between walking and moving which is true; both are important and essential part of life. Here, moving in life has a meaning that “One should always be in motion in life”.

Walking is more useful for our brain and heart. Brain activates and gives us the new thought on life in the mind and heart makes us feel good about someone we love and brings us close to passion for something.

This activity of brain and heart helps to come out from stress in our life which is nothing but creating the happiness in life, moving towards the circle of happiness. Walking in life gives a new direction and generates high level of energy andpositively impact on our health, which is ultimately the circle of happiness one can enjoy. One has to continuously try to keep walking as a part of life and not to stop, such action in the lifemakes a path towards the generation of positive energy in the life. As compared to walking,moving with positive mind also plays an important role in life and continuously moving in lifecreates many more circles of happiness.

The Motivational Thought


भावार्थ – जीवनमेंसदैवगतिमान्रहनाचाहिये, गतिविहीनजीवनकापरिणामकभीमंगलकारीनहीहोता।जैसेनन्हीचींटीनिरन्तरचलकरधीरेधीरेएकहजारयोजनकीयात्राभीपूरीकरसकतीहै, परन्तुगरूडजगहसेनहीहिलेतोवहएकपगभीआगेनहीबढसकता।


One should always be in motion in life; the result of a motionless life is never favorable. Just as a small ant can walk a thousand yojana slowly by walking continuously, but if the eagle does not move from the place, then it cannot move even a step.

Moving from one state to another by changing the strategy and then moving to next state and achieving the targeted goal is also a part of moving from one circle of happiness to another circle of happiness and this must be followed whenever it is required.

Sometime we have to encounter problem. This has to be solved by discussion with friends and near &dear ones as a part of circle of happiness and then again moving with more energy and pace on the path of life.

We should always move in the direction what we have thought of and taken as a goal.

When there are stoppages in movingfrom one state to another,one has to think to change the direction of thoughts and convert these thought in actions before there is complete change for what one is chasing.

Keep moving in the life along with walking in the life, is a key.

Themore circles of happiness which are generated inlife, helps to convert existing status of human being to awesome.

How this awesome can be achieved by creating circles of happiness?

  • Always manage the challenges in life effectively and efficiently.
  • To manage the challenges effectively and efficiently, do the things by involving heart and brain.
  • Challenges can be effectively managed by learning the new things in life, learning a new thing is another example of making circles of happiness.
  • During process of learning, it is to be kept in mind and believe strongly that, there is no failure in life, all failures are learning, feedback and take away. This learning from failures, feedback and takes awayif come up as bounce back, this will becomea part of variouscircles which are definitely helpful in solving upcoming task inlife. Solved task isanother circle of happiness.

Small or big celebrations in professional life, in family, in society must be celebrated at its highest peak on personnel basis, considering this as a celebration for our own happiness and is a tiny circle within a circle.

So, keep the happiness alive by generating more and more circles of happiness and focus on creating the value of life, here creating value of life is another circle of happiness.


“We have to choose the CIRCLES OF HAPPiNESS, it cannot comes its own.”