Learn, Unlearn and Re-learn

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Learn, Unlearn and Re-learn

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn is a process or can say cycle to understand the things or grasp skill and knowledge and become competent in the world, where transformation is happening in faster way then what we think.

Competency comes with skill and knowledge, for that one has to learn the skill and gather the knowledge specific to that skill.

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn is a process of acquiring knowledge and skill to keep our-self up to date and it gives the opportunity to utilize this assimilated skill and knowledge in day to day activities with the proper attitude to excel.


In the passage of time one finds that, because of changes in the outer world the learned skill and knowledge is outdated and is not required, that has to be unlearned as per the present time and condition.

So, there is a requirement to relearn things, relearning is nothing but learning new things again and again as per the present requirement.

This learning, unlearning and relearning plays an important role in today’s world of technological advancement where there is continuously new technology is developed and implemented for its utilization.

Unlearning is not exactly an forgetting all the things which had been learn in past, definitely this will be required as a past experience, but the thing is that, one has to go for new skill, so not to stick what skill one has in existing condition, but unlearn the irrelevant one, unlearn the outdated information, skill and knowledge by keeping same attitude, focus and performance with relearn skill and knowledge.

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn in today’s context of Industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence is a driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 which is also called as smart manufacturing, this also covers digitization, Internet of Things (IOT) , Cloud Computing, Machine learning, Data Science. These are all very new things for all of us and to understand this, learning is important by unlearning and then relearning these new concepts about Industry 4.0.

One should utilize the process of Learn, Unlearn and Relearn to EXCEL in life.