When you win the race, participate in next level.

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When you win the race, participate in next level.

When you win the race, participate in the next level of race and let’s share your experience of winning to others and also inspire & motivate others, to win.

After winning the race, again participating in the race means you are running on thecircular track which is never ending, so always think for next level.

—– A Quote by ViVEK A. SHROUTY

Motivate the people for participation , can be based on the identification of the skills, hobbies and likings of the person towards what he / she thinks and wants to do, which is being hidden in one or the other way and not come up. Some time, it may not be the case that one gets opportunity to participate in the event what he/she likes, but there are every chances of winning the game what he/she doesn’t like.

Let’s involve the peoplefor participating in the events, inspiring them to achieve the goal and target, which they sometime have not anticipated in their life.

To do this, float the various plans and projects , give the project a perfect name which is exclusively tendered by the interested persons and choose the best title and that shall be appreciated and awarded to as the best title , this helps to motivate the others to involve, this is nothing but, learning a lesson for others.

As mentioned above, this is to be noted that each person has own test and likings and he/ she acts accordingly to that only. We can notice that person’s test and likingsare changes with the passage of time.

But, to motivate others and to achieve the target, one has to start from zero and/or one has to break his / her one achieved milestones and ready to set the next one.

The best example, which I always share, is of Pole Vaulter Sergey Bubka, who set an example of his own.

When you win the race, participate in next level.

A height of 6m was regarded as impossible in pole vaulting. However, Bubka cleared this height for the first time in June 1985. He then increased the record incrementally, setting his 17th and final world record with a vault of 6.14m in July 1994, a record which still stands today.Whereas, at the 2000 Sydney Games, he failed at the relatively easy height of 5.70m. (https://www.olympic.org/sergey-bubka).

Author wants to take this opportunity to coin a new concept named as “ENu2ReT” (in Hindi language read as, एन्यु2रेट)which is based on the five different pillars and is a basic structure for uplifting the hidden skills and to motivate the people.

They are,

  1. Encouraging
  2. Nurturing
  3. Respect
  4. Relationship
  5. Teaching

For simplifying and to make it easy to remember, the five pillars are abbreviated as “ENu2ReT”.

When you win the race, participate in next level.

Concept of each pillar is explained in brief as below:


Encouraging someone results in feeling the comfort and is the basic assurance that he/she can do that or accomplish the job. Encouragement is an action which uplifts the confidence and ignites the hope for winning.


Nurturing is taking care when someone is growing. Here the meaning is from the point of view of caring someone during getting experience and developing to achieve target.


Respecting is giving someone personal values. This includes treating the people in best way and showing politeness, kindness. Giving respect can also help to encourage the people. Respect includes listening the people and giving them opportunity to express their views and ideas. Respect help to make good relationship with others.


Relationship is making association with the people which helps to keep connected, this gives opportunity to understand each other in better way and helps to carry out the job in a team or as an individual.

Teaching :

Teaching can be through communication, training, discussion between the two or more persons. Teaching helps to learn the things of interests. Teaching process can also be utilized to understand the person and can encourage for achieving the desired goal.

By the way, I hope concept of “ENu2ReT” will definitely help people to motivate others and encourage stepping a new height.